Thursday, December 2, 2010

INRC - 2010, 4 Wheelers, Round 4, K1000 - Bangalore

Hi Folks, this INRC-2010 season's K1000 event is going to be held at the same roads as earlier times. This time international rounds are also held as K1000 is now a contender for the APRC (aka. Asia Pacific Rally Championship) too.

Below is the Google map for the event for your easy reference! The special stages are marked with the title 'INRC Karmabhumi', the SSS is marked as 'K1000-2010-SSS' at Sammy's Dreamland.

The spectator points will be marked sooner & published here, so please take time to watch out this content! For an even easier option I would suggest that you follow this blog (by clicking on the Follow button on the left column of this page) for constant & instant updates ;)

Watch out for this space for more updates & videos of the event by the end of the K1000 rally :)

Rally cars gathered at the Ceremonial Start!

Rally Start Ceremony!


Ceremonial Rally Flag-off!


OKAY.. OKAY.. I know it was a very boringly long ceremonial start :D

Here are the Special Stage Videos... Enjoy here on :)

SS-1 (Day-1, 03-Dec-2010)

Convoy of the cars no 08 & onwards, after the Stage-1 was cancelled due to the protest from the locals on the reason of road getting teared up, which is readied & due for tarmac laying! Sadly it happened just before the Evo's started :(


SS-2 (Day-1, 03-Dec-2010)


SS-4 (Day-1, 03-Dec-2010)


SS-7 (Day-2, 04-Dec-2010)


SS-8 (Day-2, 04-Dec-2010)

Service Park - Service C


SSS (Day-3, 05-Dec-2010)


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

INRC - 2010, 2 Wheelers, Round 2, Sidlaghatta, Bangalore (Chikkaballapur)

Round 2 of INRC for 2 wheelers was held at the same roads as of previous years. Below are some videos of the event, including me! Enjoy maadi!

Coming to PD

The pending 2009 PD was held on the same day!

Monday, August 9, 2010

INRC - 2010, 4 Wheelers, Round 2, Kethanur, Coimbatore

The round 2 of the Indian National Rally Championship 2010 season was held at the windmill stages of Coimbatore. The three stages namely LMW, Textool & Premier windmill farms witnessed one of the most exciting moments of the 4 wheeler rally championship races.

If so any questions arising out of your mind, whether it was the same stages that saw the INRC 2010 Round-1, 2-wheeler championship, then the answer would be 'YES', with an added one extra stage about approx. 5kms away from the Premier windmill stage.

The Day1/Leg1 was exciting enough with more dramatic actions with many early fall-outs due some reason or the other including one or few of the top notch teams. Gaurav Gill was the second fastest until on the 4th stage his car's steering tie-rod broke which resulted in a DNF.

On Day2/Leg2 it was the tight fight in the Red Rooster champs Naren Kumar / Ram Kumar duo & Vikram Mathias / Murthy duo, which finally ended with the Naren & Ram beating Vikram & Murthy with just 3 seconds overall. It also showcased one more car of Red Rooster driven by Amittrajit who made even more fastest timings, but with lots of penalties to take away the score.

A few videos of the event that we managed to capture on Day2/Leg2 are showcased here below. More videos will be added as they are uploaded, so keep tracking back.